Bring Right Fit clients directly to your digital doorstep.

By crafting extraordinary and effective content for any marketing platform you market your business on (& typically from the audience you already have!).

But friend. I don't share these things to be pain point-y.

This is what every single one of the 60+ clients* I’ve specifically supported in their marketing has come to me saying.

*That number doesn't include the dozens more individual business owners I've individually supported on business-building topics beyond marketing or the 5,000+ more who have taken our courses.

Which means two things:

1. You're not alone.

2. It is possible to get better at—and even enjoy—marketing.

You simply need to be equipped to  dig deeper than the surface-level strategies  and  build the foundations of effective marketing  instead.

Which is why I'm here to introduce you to

The foundations-focused content marketing incubator equipping online business owners to  attract Right Fit, ready-to-buy clients  through extraordinary and effective content, on every platform you market your business on. (& typically from the audience you already have!)

Online service providers, coaches, strategists, healers, and other practitioners like you are equipped inside Marketing Magnified to...

Marketing Magnified is "BY FAR the most valuable investment" Laura has made in her business (with more ROI than a high-ticket mastermind!)

“I always enjoy Carly's content and often it felt like it ‘spoke to me.’ I wanted in on the secret of how to do that for my own clients! Before Marketing Magnified, I was creating a lot of ‘how to’ content.  People liked it, but it wasn't driving any business for me. I was also telling stories, but wasn't quite able to connect them back to my offer in a way that was selling.

Not only is the content in Marketing Magnified excellent, I appreciated how simple it was for me to start putting it into action right away. I still [several months later] use the structures provided to craft my content, and it’s helped me create a lot more content than I was previously. My content not only works as posts on social channels, but also as a powerful part of my email and ads retargeting strategy.  And I’ve now won new work as a direct result of my content, and have had several people refer me to clients because my content has kept me top of mind for them. 

Being able to create extraordinary and effective marketing content is important because it helps attract clients for my business. And just as important, since I offer marketing services, my own content serves as an excellent example of the type of work I can deliver for clients. 

 I'd definitely recommend Marketing Magnified to other entrepreneurs.  The aspirational content training alone was worth the price (that's the thing that was REALLY missing in my content before and has made a huge impact). In the last couple years I’ve taken two ads intensives that were expensive but worth it (as well as some programs that were a complete waste of money). But as far as dollar for dollar ROI, I’d say that Marketing Magnified has been BY FAR the most valuable investment of all of those.”

— Laura Rees, Marketing Strategist —

From “spaghetti at the wall” to your audience telling you: 

“OMG it’s like you’re speaking directly to me!” 

Here’s a peek at the journey you’ll take inside Marketing Magnified:

Step 1: Identify Your Purchase-Ready Ideal Client

Here at WholeCo our “ideal client” work starts where others stop, because when you know who your Right Fit Client is—the one who is best-positioned to succeed in your work, ready-to-buy, and ready-to-transform—everything else in your biz can actually work how it’s supposed to and needs to.

In this module, you'll learn:

The simplest strategy for identifying what your audience WANTS, making everything else in business from creating Offers to actually selling them so much more effective!

How to determine which version of your Ideal Client is best-positioned to succeed in your work (so you can stay in your genius and not have to “carry clients across the finish line”)

Exactly how you can preempt price objections by identifying the TWO versions of your purchase-ready client (& learning which to talk and sell to, when) *Our clients can confirm, this alone changes everything.

Step 2: Develop Transparent and Magnetic Messaging

Always know exactly what to say to sell your work in integrity, without relying on over-inflated promises that you can’t truly guarantee. By the way, the words you’ll uncover in this module are the exact words you’ll use every time you talk about your work, everywhere you talk about it (not just in your content!).

In this module, we'll cover:

How to finally capture the real power of your work in words that everyone from your kid to your grandma can understand (no matter how “broad” your work is or how “basic” it currently sounds — even though you know it’s far from basic!)

How to craft Messaging when all of your clients get seemingly different results (it’s a heck of a lot simpler than you might think!)

Your one sentence pitch that will make sure your audience knows what your offer is, who it’s for, and why they want to pay attention to it amidst the online business noise (& that they’ll soon start repeating back to you because it’s so simple and succinct!)

Step 3: Build a Bank of Ready-to-Use Content Ideas

Yes, I absolutely love crafting content when I’m in flow; but the truth is…I’m not always in flow. And I’ll bet neither are you! That’s why I’m teaching you exactly how to create a literal endless stream of conversion content ideas, which not only makes marketing that much simpler, but even on your “lacking inspiration” days you can still show up powerfully for your community.

In this module, I'm also going to show you:

How to use your Messaging inside of your Marketing (because the two are most effective when used hand in hand!)

The best way to identify which marketing platform will have your highest ROI, right now, so that you can stop spreading yourself thin trying to be everywhere, all at once

My favorite strategies for coming up with endless conversion content ideas (this is how I create so much content; because with all of these ideas, it becomes simple & straightforward!)

Step 4: Craft Extraordinary & Effective Content

What might change if you allowed yourself to show up in your content like you do in your client work: powerfully, and deeply in service? I’ll let you discover that for yourself, but here’s a hint: everything. No more “101 level of your work” showing up in your content, but also no “giving everything away.”

This module is the crux of Marketing Magnified. This is where you’ll bring everything that you’ve learnt so far together and put it into content so extraordinary that it’s changing lives even before people buy from you and so effective that it’s bringing Right Fit leads directly to your digital doorstep, knowing that you’re the only person they want to work with on [insert thing you do].

In this module, you'll get:

In-depth trainings on the Four Foundational Content Types + my favorite strategies to use as a “starting point” as you learn to master the craft of content marketing

Our WholeCo(ntent) Formula Book, which many of our past MM’ers report to still be using years after they originally received it to navigate business pivots, platform expansion, and so many more things that naturally affect their marketing

A super simple & highly effective way to sell directly from your content (which often means: no sales page necessary!)

Step 5: Practice & Publish

Marketing Magnified has facilitated many phenomenal results in our clients’ businesses, but you know what every single story of “success” has in common? Every single one of those business owners took what they learnt and started practicing. Then they practiced some more, and some more, and some more. And don’t you think they were only practicing behind the scenes—though that too, especially if you’re joining Marketing Magnified LIVE which comes with Content Submission Periods—they got out there and were publishing the content they were crafting.

This is how they used their content to bring them Right Fit leads, and this is what you’ll be doing throughout your entire time in Marketing Magnified. We’ve built the entire library to be action-oriented so that you are learning and refining and learning by doing, rather than simply consuming information.

Along your journey in Marketing Magnified you will:

Get into the habit of creating content without overthinking

Create, test out, and iterate/hone/nuance your core messaging

Craft at least 10 pieces of extraordinary and effective content

Increase your capacity for being seen, especially within the context of your marketing

Many of our clients also report breakthroughs and deeper clarity around their core offer suite, and thus make aligned changes throughout this program. However, offer-building is not an explicit part of our trainings and you must already have an offer you are selling/ready to sell in order to succeed in Marketing Magnified.

You have the power to bring Right Fit clients in through your marketing.
Here’s what you’ll receive with your investment in Marketing Magnified to help make this your reality.

12 months access to the Marketing Magnified Training Library PLUS any updates or additions made in that time

Guided, self-paced pathway through the curriculum

PDF Guide to the 4 Foundational Content Formulas (for lifetime use)

Facebook Group for asking Qs, sharing wins, and getting support

"If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get serious about their content creation, I’d recommend Marketing Magnified."

“If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get serious about their content creation, I’d recommend Marketing Magnified. I knew I wanted to learn to craft extraordinary and effective content so that I can shine as bright as I am, tell the world about my work, and change lives.  But my content was non-existent or inconsistent and I didn’t feel connected to it so I avoided content creation at all costs.  I took and loved Marketing Magnified when it first came out [in 2021], but  this year [2023] it has delivered even more.  Your client experience has been taken to the next level! I’m celebrating consistently showing up for the program, my beautiful new offer, AND getting honest about what I want my business to be and actually telling people.  I’m even taking pleasure in writing content!”

— Amandine Ayala, Farm CEO —

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Plus, get these bonuses!

Here's what some of our MM'ers have said about the program:

Marketing Magnified isn't teaching you yet another strategy.

Instead, you're building the foundations that underpin every marketing strategy.

(It's the foundations that empower any strategy to be reliably effective!)

Whether you’ve invested in ads that didn’t work, an agency or marketing VA who created content for you that was consistent but didn’t bring you Right Fit (or any) leads, or you’ve tried so many different programs and strategies, you’ve likely already spent a decent amount of time, energy, and money trying to master this whole “marketing” thing.

MANY of the 60+ clients who we’ve specifically guided through the process of mastering marketing came to us saying that they’re “bad” at marketing. But very quickly (often within just a couple of weeks!), they realized that they weren’t bad at marketing,  they simply had never been equipped with the foundations of effective content. 

And so they spent countless hours struggling and striving and throwing hundreds of pounds of spaghetti at the metaphorical wall, hoping something would stick.

Here's what I mean when I say "foundations" (& how they differ immensely from the marketing strategies being taught all over the online business space) —

It goes like this.

Imagine your primary marketing platform is Instagram. You have questions about “how to convert on Instagram” and so you buy a course that’s purportedly going to give you everything you need to know.

It walks you through how to create Reels, carousel posts, and Stories—and gives you some snazzy graphic templates for all of the above. It teaches you how to find great hashtags or what the best time to post is. It shows you what the various data points mean and how to track your “best” content. It gives you a formula to optimize your bio with. It even gives you 30 content prompts to get you started. Maybe there’s also an accountability process to help you be consistent.

Here’s the catch: you could do all of these things perfectly—heck, you could even have a Reel or two go viral and gain thousands of followers!—and still not bring in any new clients. (You also might have created 30 pieces of content, but none of them really felt like you let alone captured the essence of the powerful and transformative work that you do.)

What happened?!

Even if you did a touch of Ideal Customer work, you weren’t guided through the in-depth work of identifying which version of your Ideal Client is a Right Fit (e.g. ready-to-buy, best positioned to succeed, etc.)

Even if it gave you content prompts and graphics, you never really learned how to talk about your work in such a way that the Right Fit people automatically see, “Oh yes, this human [you] is exactly who I’ve been looking for!!” (& in a way that’s in-integrity and transparent about what you can reliably deliver on)

Even if it gave you data points to track to see what your “best” content is, you never really learned how to craft the types of content that will actually connect with and convert the Right Fit people in your audience (rather than simply be content that gets lots of eyes on it and/or engagement).

When you understand and have developed the foundations of extraordinary and effective marketing content...

You’ll find that people start coming out of the woodwork (AKA your current audience) to work with you, saying, “OMG it’s like you’re speaking directly to me.”

And as a fun side effect, you’ll also be able to go back to many of the very courses, strategies, and programs you tried before that “didn’t work” and find massive success using any of them that you genuinely desire to. (Well, as long as they weren’t sh*tty programs to start with.)

This is what happens when you focus on  foundations first.  This is what you’ll uncover inside Marketing Magnified!

"If you want to stop wasting time putting out the same ole surface-level content that everyone else is doing, then sign up for Marketing Magnified."

"I love the way Carly Jo teaches and coaches and  brings so much clarity to the PROCESS.  I felt very confident in my writing, but not so confident or consistent in the process of getting the writing out. I had a whole arsenal of unpublished content written without knowing how and in what situations to present it. MM allowed me to categorize my content properly and actually get it out into the world.  I feel more confident that my content will now actually be doing its job and not just be released into a vacuum with no purpose. 

I am PUMPED to get my content out there now. It gave me HOPE. Sounds dramatic, but seriously....I didn't do content marketing all of last year because I was so stuck.  And trust me, I have other content products from many many people.  To anyone considering joining, I'd say that if they want to stop wasting time putting out the same ole surface-level content that everyone else is doing, then sign up for MM. Carly Jo provides a really fresh and CLEAR take on creating content that  makes so much sense and it will kinda blow your mind."

— Ashley Brown, Brand Strategist & Creative Director —

"I LOVE that I ended up with an outline and formula that I can follow that also has enough room for me to play and be ME."

"Before I joined Marketing Magnified, marketing seemed so hard and foggy to me and I didn't know what to do. I always felt like I was failing before. Now I'm seeing I really didn't understand what people were telling me to do so I was struggling to do it, duh.

  I loved that we just got little pieces of information that I could digest and practice  and that you walked through all this step by step with us. Your little examples and prompts bring me so much relief and help me see better how I could do it next time. And I LOVE that I ended up with an outline and formula that I can follow and practice that also has enough room for me to play and be ME.

 I have a FULL month of content planned that I feel super comfortable with and am confident I can execute on easily and within a reasonable amount of time each week.  Now, I'm feeling so much less stress about marketing."

— Sara Cole, Parent Coach —

"Now I have a clear roadmap to follow, and I have spreadsheets of sample sales content to refer back to when I'm feeling blocked."

"I was struggling with talking about myself, my offers, and nailing down how to craft a good message  before Marketing Magnified. Now I have a clear roadmap to follow as I continue to refine my messaging,  I've learned how to be clear and concise,  and I have spreadsheets of sample sales content to refer back to when I'm feeling blocked. 

Being in Marketing Magnified is like finally having the recipe to a dish you've tried to make on your own. I can now not only make the dish, but make it my own now that I have a framework and language around what I need in order to make it taste awesome.

I know and truly believe that when I create content, I get paid. It's a total mind shift. If you know who you are, what you do, who you serve and  are ready to amplify your message (and to practice in a safe space putting it out there) absolutely join!"

— Lisa Townsend, Vocal Empowerment Coach —

I remember the day my first client came to me through my marketing content.

After an entire year of marketing (mostly) consistently, it FINALLY happened. I got a message from someone saying they came across my Instagram and wanted to book a discovery call. I was SHOCKED. After creating so much content that didn’t do much of anything for me—most of my clients came through referrals or people I connected in-person with—it felt like a stroke of good luck.

But pretty quickly I realized… I didn’t want this client to be a one-time fluke. I didn’t want to create a bunch of content only hoping that one mysterious, random day, someone would reach out and actually be ready to buy. I wanted to know that the content I was pouring so much of myself into and putting out into the world was actually creating a result.

So I got honest with myself about WHY my content wasn’t converting. I stopped trying to keep up with trends and learned the true foundations of high-converting marketing, all while discovering how to make my marketing more ME.

And after years of refining my craft through marketing my own business, teaching the art of extraordinary and effective content to  60+ individual business owners , and spending  over 300 hours giving in-depth feedback on hundreds of pieces of content , I can confidently say that...

I know how to craft extraordinary and effective content that consistently brings leads directly to my digital doorstep.

And not just any leads, but Right Fit leads who are READY to buy and who already understand what makes me and my work so uniquely powerful.

The best part? I don't have to emulate someone else's "tried-and-true" strategy to do it. And I certainly don't have to mold myself to whatever the algorithm seems to like best each day.

No. I consistently attract Right Fit leads and move them into my work through my content because I've built the strong foundations that then allow me to...

Use any marketing strategy I want to—including ads, funnels, podcasting, Facebook groups, an IG 9-grid, etc.—and see steady and compounding results from it.

Play to my strengths (which means I get to skip things like creating Reels or going live, even though MANY people say these are the "secrets" to pleasing the algorithm/s and growing my audience, simply because I don't want to prioritize these things right now).

Show up powerfully and deeply in service in my free content (just like I show up in my work!) without fearing that I might "give everything away" or that I'll only attract so-called freebie seekers.

I want you to be able to say the same.

Join me inside Marketing Magnified and you will be equipped to confidently hop on any marketing platform of your choosing (yes, the ones you actually LIKE—not just what’s popular) to sell your transformative and powerful offers.
Will Marketing Magnified work for you?
Here’s just some of the types of business owners who are now crafting content that establishes credibility by exemplifying the power of their work, builds community and connection around their brand, and brings them Right Fit clients.

Marketing Strategists

SEO and Pinterest Strategists

Fractional CFOs

High-Risk Pregnancy Consultants
Funnel Strategists

Strategists & Consultants

Podcast Production Agencies

Brand Designers

Website Designers

Full Stack Web Developers

Ads Managers

Systems & Operations Designers

Done-for-you Service Providers

Business Coaches

Vocal Coaches

Parenting Coaches

Life Coaches

Book Coaches

Sex and Intimacy Coaches

Relationship Coaches


Plant Medicine Guides

Digital Yoga Teachers

Travel and Relocation Experts

Integrative Health Consultants

Quantum Healers

Shadow Workers



"This program delivered 1000% on its promise. I now have a step by step way to think about both messaging and marketing for any new offer we come up with in our business."

“We have important work to put out in the world. Without effective marketing content, nobody will know about it. The work has been proven and validated for years by clients. But those clients already loved us.  So we needed a way to get new eyeballs on our work. 

Previous content was focused on agitating pain points. Our ready to buy clients do not want to be reminded of the ‘pain’ they are sitting in. It turns them off. So even though we knew the work itself was validated,  we were not attracting the right fit clients. 

I knew Marketing Magnified would be radically different from any other messaging or marketing course I took. First because  there are no other programs that I have found that blend both messaging AND marketing.  They usually focus on one or the other but this was a complete solution to my problem. But second because I was able to show up without fear of judgment about my previous work or knowledge. This program delivered 1000% on its promise. I now have a step by step way to think about both messaging and marketing for any new offer we come up with in our business.

MM helped me refine my content to  get more sales before the program even finished.  And not just more sales. More clients who are now loyal fans for life. I am celebrating that I am now a person who has follow through. I have proven that, even when it gets hard, I find a way to keep going.  I am also celebrating [successfully] selling to a cold audience for the first time in our 17 years in business! 

Would I recommend Marketing Magnified to other business owners? YES! YES! YES!  I would recommend MM to people who are struggling to get their authentic voice heard in a way that really reflects the genius they have to put out in the world.  It will give them the concrete steps to make this happen."

— Meredyth Mustafa-Julock, Productivity + Implementation Coach —

Marketing Magnified is for the big-hearted business owner who wants to:

Learn how to create content that connects with the Right Fit people in your audience in a deep, authentic way.

Start converting with more ease and consistency directly through your content. (No sales page needed!).

Create content that immediately showcases the depth and power of your work without question.

Develop a deeper understanding of the foundations of powerful, compelling, and authentic marketing—not just get swipe copy files that may or may not resonate with the people you truly want to work with.

Make more money whenever you market your business. Plain and simple.

"My marketing is now in line with what I REALLY want to be doing. For any business person who has been struggling to find the words to express themselves in a way that is meaningful, I’d recommend Marketing Magnified."

Misfit Artist and Coach

"Carly is so masterful in not only the ‘what’ — the logistics of creating content — but the ‘how’ — anticipating and gently helping us work through the resistance that comes up in doing something uncomfortable and new."

Drink Less, Live More Coach

"I feel more confident with my content and like what I’m putting out there is actually representative of who I am as a person and as a business owner. If you’re struggling with creating content, I would recommend Marketing Magnified."

Virtual Assistant

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

"We [successfully] sold to a cold audience for the first time in our 17 years in business!"

Productivity + Implementation Coach

"This is definitely worth it, especially if you're looking for someone to put their magic on your content so that you can make it better."

Sex & Intimacy Coach

"Carly not only understands the marketing aspect of business, but also has a gift for drawing it out of others."

Vocal Empowerment Coach

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

"The workbooks Carly provides are amazingly helpful (they serve as future resources, too). Thinking of joining Marketing Magnified? DO IT!"

Intuitive Mentor

"I know what content to create and who I should speak to in my content. I can even create scroll-stopping."

Full Stack Web Developer

"Carly is an authentic marketing expert. Marketing Magnified gave me so much confidence in writing content that converts."

Fractional CFO

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

Ready to create powerful, authentic content that makes your audience feel seen and understood so clearly that you become the only person they want to work with?*

*who does the thing you do!


Have Q's specifically about 2024's LIVE round? You can see those FAQs here.

Is the learning content in Marketing Magnified accessible for me?

All curriculum is delivered via video trainings with English captions as well as edited and formatted written transcripts. You have full control over the speed of the content and can slow it down or speed it up as desired. Plus, each module has its very own actionable workbook available in Google Docs, so that you’ll implement immediately and see the difference in your messaging and marketing right away!

There's also room in your onboarding to request additional accommodations, which we will do our best to provide if possible!

What's your ethos on using pain points in marketing?

The only reason people use pain points in marketing is because they "work"—IF your definition of something "working" in marketing is "making sales at all costs."

From the very first module in Marketing Magnified, you'll see that we define success in marketing very differently. Instead of: is it making you sales? It's: is it attracting Right Fit leads directly to your digital doorstep?

If it's attracting Right Fit leads—which quite literally cannot be accomplished through pain point marketing—then not only will these people come to you pretty pre-sold on working with YOU, they'll also be much more likely to get the result and/or transformation of your work.

This leaves clients extremely satisfied with your work, creates a reputation for you as someone who delivers on what they say they will, and also gives you great case studies and testimonials to share to attract even more Right Fit clients into your work.

How long will it take to complete the entire course?

The Marketing Magnified course has about 6 hours of learning and implementation time. It could be completed in as little as a weekend, but we typically see people do it over the course of a couple of weeks.

The modules are broken down into bite-sized pieces that you can complete at your own pace. You’re in full control of your learning experience and can take as much or as little time as you need.

Do I have to market my business like Carly does in order to see success in this program?

Hell to the no. The way I market my business is how I have specifically chosen to based off of the foundations I've built in my business alongside my own strengths, priorities, and goals. Marketing Magnified will guide you to get a clear picture of what you want YOUR marketing to look like, which very likely will be wildly different to how I do things at WholeCo!

I mean, sure, if you want your primary marketing platform to be a Facebook Group (alongside a Podcast + Email list) then you're absolutely welcome to! But I would never tell you that you "should" market your business like I do. That would not only be completely out of alignment with our WholeCo Motto ("Look external for ideas, and internal for answers"), it would be deeply irresponsible of me to encourage you to do since, undoubtedly, your business/audience/etc is entirely different to mine.

Does Marketing Magnified advocate for the use of AI tools, like ChatGPT?

No, it does not. 

While I do enjoy playing with AI and have actively worked on my prompting abilities, Marketing Magnified does not specifically advocate the use of AI tools in any of our processes. In fact, we’ll actually encourage you—at least at the beginning of your journey—to NOT use AI but rather to work through the process wholly as your human self.

This is NOT because I am afraid of AI or don’t think it’s useful—the truth is actually the opposite!—but it’s because I’ve found that it’s only when you, yourself really understand the foundations and then process of crafting extraordinary and effective content that you can 1) understand when something that AI spits out is actually what you need it to be, 2) know how to make effective edits from anything that an AI tool gives you, and 3) get better at prompting, so that you actually CAN get an output that you need.

Please note that we do not allow our specific prompts, frameworks, and training content to be shared with Generative AI models.

Is this program specific to any particular marketing platform?

No, everything that you learn inside Marketing Magnified can just as easily be implemented in a 30 second TikTok video as a 5,000 word blog post, and everything in between.

We do prioritize written content as the method for learning how to create extraordinary and effective content, but you'll also have access to a bonus guide on applying the 4 foundational content types to non-written mediums to refer to, as well.

I know I need to market my business, but I really honestly hate marketing. Will this program make marketing less miserable for me?

Before I answer that, I have a question for you in return: do you really truly hate marketing? Or are there simply things about how you've been taught to market your business that feel draining or even completely misaligned for you?

If it's the former and you do absolutely hate marketing, then this is probably not the program for you, because in order to see results you do have to actually implement what you're learning through crafting extraordinary and effective content.

But if it's the latter and you're looking for a better way to market your business that aligns with your values and even becomes a form of creative expression for you, then Marketing Magnified will equip you with the foundations to market your business, your way—and see beautifully compounding results from doing so!

Ok, but I'm bad at marketing.

MANY of the 60+ people who have taken Marketing Magnified were self-proclaimed “bad at marketing”—until they took Marketing Magnified and realized that actually, they simply weren’t ever equipped (no matter how many various programs or strategies they invested their time, energy, and money into) to BE good at marketing.

If you believe, even just a little bit, that that could be you too, come join us inside Marketing Magnified.

How long until I can expect to see results?

Most of our MM'ers begin to see results such as increased engagement, more ease creating content, and more fulfillment from the work they're putting into their marketing after just a few posts. 

When it comes to results like bringing new, Right Fit leads directly to their digital doorstep, and often from the audience they already have, we've consistently seen business owners get these results within 2-4 weeks of consistent publishing of the extraordinary and effective content they learned to create in MM.

Of course, we cannot and would not ever guarantee results, as a lot depends on the particulars of your business.

Does this program teach things like hashtag strategy, cold or warm outreach, or launching?

No. All of those things are specific strategies that you might use within your marketing, or in which you might use your new content, and Marketing Magnified does not teach specific strategies. Instead, you'll learn the foundations that make those strategies actually capable of working how you intend for them to, and receive guidance on how to apply them within your chosen strategy/ies.

I am a marketing professional. Can I use what I learn in Marketing Magnified with my clients?

Because what we teach inside Marketing Magnified (the foundations of effective content) is unlike what you’ll find in 99% of marketing programs—even the good ones—you will find that it becomes almost impossible to NOT use what you learn in Marketing Magnified in your work with clients.

However, we ask that…

1) you do not teach or share anything from Marketing Magnified as your own IP,

2) you mention Carly Jo Bell/WholeCo Media by name and website if you’re sharing anything that you learned from this program, and

3) if you DO create a marketing course, program, or something of the sort after taking Marketing Magnified, that you ensure it is deeply differentiated from our program. You can do this by waiting until you’ve integrated your learnings from MM wholly enough that you are now recognizing your own voice, methods, and approach in what you’re doing, rather than still operating from ours.

There are people in the world, right now, who are searching for your exact brand of genius and magic.

Crafting extraordinary & effective content is the simplest and most scalable way to connect with them and bring them into your right-for-them work.

Join Marketing Magnified today so that we can ensure the Right Fit people not only know you exist, but can dive headfirst into your right-for-them work and with so much trust in your wisdom, experience, and expertise.

All because of your transparent & magnetic messaging and extraordinary & effective content!

"I now have a clear understanding of how to be intentional with my content and not just consistent, and can translate the power of my works transformation into written context for others to see it's possible for them."

Stylist & Confidence Coach

"I found it to be a game changer in terms of my content creation process. It was really transformative! It put me into action and gave me a way to filter and structure my thoughts better."

Brand Strategist & Creative Director

"As someone who doesn't like marketing and prefers to hand this work over to someone else, I am starting to understand how to construct my content so that it has the biggest impact."

Dating Coach

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder