Build the solid foundations that allow you to confidently call in more Right Fit clients with even more ease.
(And unleash your niche in the process!)
So many business owners are obsessed with “finding their niche.”

But then when they do, they run into their next question: now what?

People still aren’t buying consistently. They’ve tried all sorts of things and chased all sorts of shiny objects (“finding their niche” being one of them). And if they’re being honest, they’re pretty much flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to all things online business.

What gives?

Well my friend, they—meaning you—need to step beyond “niching” to build solid foundations for real, lasting business success.

Namely, their Audience, Offer, and Messaging foundations so that they can make more sales now while also preparing their business to be even more successful in the future.

Wanna know how?
Niche Unleashed!

The step-by-step course where you will build the solid foundations for  who  you’re selling to,  what  you’re selling, and  how  to talk to your people (your unleashed niche!) so that you can confidently call in more Right Fit clients with even more ease.

All for only $297 or 5 monthly installments of $60.

With the guidance of our foundations-focused and self-trust-led trainings, you will…

 Build the foundations for the 3 most important elements of your Sustainable Success System —Audience, Offers, Messaging—so that you can make more sales now while also setting your business up to be even more successful in the future.

 Set up your business to be found by Right Fit, ready-to-buy clients  who now clearly see and understand the value of your work because you’re speaking directly to them.

 Decrease the amount of “shoulds,” shiny objects, and strategies du jour that distract you on your journey  so that you can stay focused on taking the steps that will actually move you toward your goals.

 Come to embody your inner confident business owner who trusts themselves  to be able to both deliver powerful work to your clients and even more effectively market your business, generate leads for your services, and sell your stuff with ease (& no sleaze).

By the end of Niche Unleashed you will be able to say that you are confident in who you want (and need) to work with, how to structure a powerful offer that facilitates phenomenal results and transformations, and the words you need to use to talk about your work in order to attract the right people while accurately communicating the real value of your work.

Which not only makes it easier for your audience to know, like, and trust you, it also makes sometimes touchy subjects like marketing, lead generation, and sales feel SO much simpler whilst being deeply in service of your community!

"I’m finishing Niche Unleashed feeling more equipped to talk about personality life coaching in a way that could better resonate with my Right Fit Ready to Purchase people."

“I’m finishing Niche Unleashed feeling more equipped to talk about personality life coaching in a way that could better resonate with my Right Fit Ready to Purchase people. I'd been feeling intimidated - especially after having taken multiple courses, completed worksheets, attended masterclasses, and still feeling overwhelmed/boxed-in and STILL vague about my people. Now I’m more empowered and confident I have a clue! ;) I’m excited about the potential shifts I'll make in my messaging for that offer and the chain effect of getting to support incredible women in becoming the best version of themselves. That's ridiculously exciting. And I'm looking forward to more boldly talking about my work - and having more fun doing it!

I loved so many things about Niche Unleashed: the [Audience Alignment exercise] was really helpful and so dang simple. The emphasis on not sitting in perfectionism and that we'll never truly get it "perfect" (and that's okay!). Social listening will be something that I think I'll continue enjoying the more I make it a habit. The worksheets were so helpful. Honestly, I loved all of it!

Now I know that Niching isn't so much about focusing on specific demographics or hobbies/etc. it's about figuring out who's your Right Fit Client who's also Ready to Purchase. Speak to them. And those RFCs might be someone who surprises you. And bonus #2: Audience + Offer + Messaging = deeply integrated and essential for alignment. So many fledgling entrepreneurs are daunted by how to begin niching, but Niche Unleashed makes it so simple. This framework is illuminating and reduces wasting so much time and angst not understanding the difference between an avatar and a ready-to-purchase client - and for what offer. Thank you Carly, this was so life-giving!”

Personality Life Coach
Online Business Owner

"I was hesitant to niche because I felt that I would be missing out selling to certain groups of people, but through Niche Unleashed I realized that niching will actually help my business be even more successful. The course itself was easy to follow; I liked that it was broken down into short sections with activities to do, which helped me identify my clients who are ready to buy and really think about my offers. I now understand how to create an offer that will appeal to the Right Fit ideal client. Thank you for this program, it has given me a lot of clarity in areas I was struggling with."

Online Business Owner

“Before Niche Unleashed I had no idea what niching really meant. Now I know that niching doesn't mean only working with one specific person forever. It means understanding the problem that exists, how I can help, and marketing to anybody experiencing that problem. The detailed sections in the course were great in getting me to think about what my client actually wants and what they need, and then how to approach figuring out how I can actually help with that. I'm definitely recommending this to other online business owners!”

Online Business Owner

"Niching in terms of the client avatar made sense to me, but through NU I learnt more about how to niche my messaging—which makes so much sense! I loved the clear, simple, executable steps in the program and I now feel really clear on my offers and messaging. THANK YOU!"

Online Business Owner

"Before NU I was overwhelmed by niching because I felt like I had to box myself in. Now I’m much more free and liberated! The course was simple and actionable, and the workbooks really helped. I now know how to shape my offers in a way that will attract the right people and have more clarity to move forward."

Online Business Owner

"I was super reluctant to niche before NU, and now I’m much more excited about it! All of the exercises were really practical, for example, I came out of the course with messaging that I can use straight away. This was a great programme!"

Skip the faffing about trying to figure everything out.

Inside Niche Unleashed, I’ve mapped out exactly what you need to do to build strong foundations across three of the core elements of your Sustainable Success System.

Here’s a peek into exactly what you’ll learn inside Niche Unleashed:


AUDIENCE — Identify your true target audience at the intersection of who you get lit up at the idea of working with and the version of that human who is actively looking to buy, right now. PLUS…

Get my clients’ favorite no-call market research strategy

Uncover the four types of clients (HINT: you only want to sell to two of them!)

Complete a quick and super clarifying Ideal Customer Persona exercise that doesn’t suck or leave you with more questions than you started with


OFFERS — Bring focus and clarity to your offer suite—without having to “limit” your ideation and visionary strengths!—while also discovering how to craft offers you love delivering but that also facilitate reliable transformations and results! PLUS…

Learn the ONE question that changed everything in my business (and will change yours for the better, too!) 

Build a step-by-step pathway for your clients to take to achieve their desired transformation or result (even if your work is nuanced, individualized, and/or complex!) 

Design offer/s that create high quality client experiences and deliver what you say they’re going to (without overdelivering or exhausting yourself in the meantime) 

Find the connection between niching and pricing so you can have even more clarity on and confidence in your price points


MESSAGING — Develop messaging that clearly communicates the value of your work while naturally capturing your Right Fit, ready-to-buy clients’ attention. And say “so long” to trying to find your ideal customer, because they’ll be coming to you! PLUS…

Create a simple to say, crystal clear, and highly memorable one sentence overview for each of your offers

BuFind language to describe just how phenomenal your work is, even if your work has “intangible” or highly individualized results (here’s looking at you life coaches!)

Step away from the pain points while still using language that’s so juicy and so magnetic that it brings your Right Fit clients to you

And by popular demand, I’ve also created a short training on how to  niche your marketing  so that you can use everything you’ve built through Niche Unleashed to begin crafting content that sells!

All for only $297 or 5 monthly installments of $60.

"I don't have to feel limited by a specific industry or specialty."

“A lot of copywriting experts say niching is the 'only' way to become an expert and get consistent clients, but that never felt right to me. I now feel more confident that I can work with clients who want what I offer and who are the right fit for me, and I don't have to feel limited by a specific industry or specialty. The course videos were short, powerful and to-the-point so I could get the information I needed to spend quality time thinking and working through the workbook. I would recommend it to any new business owner so they don't spend years talking to the wrong people (like I've done), and so they can come right out of the gate with clarity on how to present powerful offers that convert."


Online Business Owner

"I always thought niching was a bit restrictive, now I realized that it actually opens up my audience! The course was informative and it went deeper than any other course or book I’ve read about finding your ideal audience. Not only do I now have more clarity on my audience, offers, and messaging, I’m even applying it to my marketing. Overall, I loved Niche Unleashed!"

Online Business Owner

"I always worried that 'niching' would mean that I’d have a really small circle of potential clients, but after Niche Unleashed I feel so much better about niching and it makes more sense to me now. The short videos helped me to not get information overload, and my biggest takeaway was that everything in business is really about the client. I feel so much more clear!"

"There is a clarity in my brain that simply didn't exist before."

“I joined Niche Unleashed because I don’t like being put in a box. I feel like I’m multi-talented and can reach several different types of people. I had sooooooooooooooo much resistance to getting this done. And yet the straightforward, step-by-step coaching through each stage of the program was just what the doctor ordered. 

I’m now clearer and more focused. There is a clarity in my brain that simply didn't exist before. I can talk about my Ideal Customer, and feel comfortable that they are exactly who they need to be. I'd been torturing myself with the preconceived notion that I have to be able to offer my clients a full transformation to be worth what the market, my needs and the value that I bring say that my services are worth. To realize that I could create a ‘lower scaled’ offer for my solution-oriented version of my ICA was SUCH a relief. 

I feel like I have a great starting point that I can refine and hone over time. I have a few friends and family members that are moving into the world of trying to figure out how to work for themselves. Copywriters, massage therapists, and even a nurse. All searching for answers on how to figure this crap out. And the answers on the internet suuuuuuuck, so yes, I’d recommend Niche Unleashed to all of them!"
Online Business Owner


“Niching was always a vague concept in my mind. Now I feel more confident in where I'm going with my content and I had so many a-ha moments! I'm feeling excited all over again my writings, and less overwhelmed by marketing and what to say about my books. I have a more clearer vision and I have tools now that can help me (in other areas of my life too).”

Online Business Owner

“This was a great course, and I’d recommend it to people who already have expertise helping people within their profession and who know who they like to work with, but are not sure how to make that a niche and/or define a clear offer. I loved the step-by-step exercises, and there was something about the way you teach designing an offer that made it so much easier. The [messaging process] of going from Obstacles to Outcomes to Real Results was also really helpful.”

What's included in Niche Unleashed?

Lifetime of the course access to the training library and all future updates.

Just over 2 hours of content broken into short, bite-sized training videos with formatted written transcripts, captions, and a private audio feed.

A famously actionable WholeCo workbook in which you’ll build your Audience, Offer/s, and Messaging as you go!

Have Q's? Great, 'cuz I have A's!

  • My work is really nuanced, specific, and/or complex. Will Niche Unleashed help me?

    After supporting many clients whose work was self-proclaimed “nuanced,” “specific, and/or “complex,” I’ve seen again and again that 1) typically their work is not as complicated as they think it is – it simply feels complicated to talk about it until you move through the process in Niche Unleashed, and 2) even if their work IS super complicated, talking about it doesn’t have to be that way – and I give exercises to help you find the “simplest” way to talk about your work in Niche Unleashed!
  • Every time I’ve tried “niching” in the past, I’ve ended up feeling really boxed in and stuck. Will this program help me speak to a wide array of types of clients?
    Short answer: abso-freaking-lutely.

    Long answer: Not only does Niche Unleashed take you well beyond niching, it also is built entirely around a very expansive approach to niching in which you niche on the problem you solve rather than on the type of person you can support.

    This is the exact process I’ve guided over 100 individual business owners (+ thousands of course participants!) to build offers and messaging that attracts anyone who is ready and looking for the work that you sell and deliver.

    Niching—and subsequently building out the Audience, Offers, and Messaging—in this way opens up your audience SIGNIFICANTLY and sets you up to be able to effectively serve and support even more humans both right now and over the lifetime of your business. Not to mention: it feels SO FREEING to “niche” on the problem, not the person!
  • Is the Niche Unleashed content accessible for me? In what format is it delivered?
    Niche Unleashed is delivered primarily through short, step-by-step video trainings that even our most neurospicy clients LOVE. Each video training also has optional English captions as well as full speed controls (up to 2x speed). You’ll also find edited and formatted written transcripts with each training, plus every training (even the purely written ones!) have audio files delivered on a private audio feed.

    Short video? Check. Audio? Check. Written? Check. Speed controls and captions? Check!
  • How will I access Niche Unleashed?
    Once you sign up, you'll receive an email from our learning platform inviting you to sign into the private training library. Once inside, you'll be able to start unleashing your niche right away!

    Please give our systems up to 15 minutes to deliver your access; and be sure to double check that your email address is written correctly when signing up on this page.
  • How long do I have access to Niche Unleashed for?
    By investing in Niche Unleashed, you will have lifetime of the course access to all materials and any future updates.
  • Do I need to buy anything else to access or use Niche Unleashed?
    Nope! All you need is the ability to watch or listen and engage with the trainings, which can be done on your computer, through the Thinkific app on your phone, or in our private podcast (opt in is complementary but required for podcast access). We do recommend that you have access to Google Docs to fill out your workbook, but if you don't, you can download a copy of the document and answer the questions in whatever word processor you have access to.
  • Does Niche Unleashed advocate or require the use of AI?
    While I am such a big fan of AI (when used appropriately!), I’ve seen time and time again that in order for business owners to really make the most out of AI, they need to already be confident in their own business foundations—such as their Audience, Offers, and Messaging.

    Though AI can help to refine or even ideate any of the above, you will only be able to tell if what AI gives you is aligned or not if you are already clear on your foundations, first.

    And guess what?! That’s precisely what Niche Unleashed supports you to do: get clear on your Audience, Offer, and Messaging foundations on your own (without AI), after which you can play around with AI as you please!

Have another question? 

Please email our team at hello[at] and we'll be grateful to support you!

Online Business Owner

"Before Niche Unleashed I felt uncomfortable about niching and was afraid of it. However, Carly Jo did a great job of making it much less scary and it makes a ton more sense now. I particularly loved that NU didn’t take too long to finish and I was able to get all of the important information. My biggest takeaway was figuring out where I wanted to focus my business and how to explain my offer to potential customers. I’ve now niched down and I’m excited to get started on creating a sales page, content, and more!"

Online Business Owner

"I was so STUCK before Niche Unleashed! Now, I’m prepared to move forward (and it feels so good!). I especially loved the focus in the messaging module on outcomes instead of “pain points.” Thank you for the permission to move past pain! I must admit, I’ve previously been willing to take anyone on as a client. Now I’m changing it up to attract less 'hand holding' clients; it’s time for clients who are ready to take ownership of their own outcomes! I’ll now have more time freedom for myself, I’ve focused on two main offers, and I feel so much more empowered to empower others!"

"This was the BEST course I’ve taken in AGES! I feel so ready to get into action."

Niching always made me want to roll my eyes, because the concept seemed rather limited and constraining to me. But because of NU, I feel as though a door has been opened to let in some fresh air and expanded horizons. I really appreciated Carly Jo’s no-fluff approach that offered a ton of value in just a few minutes of video coursework. The workbook was also completely on-point and laser-focused, helping me develop ideas quickly.

I think the biggest difference between this course and other offerings on 'niching' is the element of the ready-to-buy customer. THAT is where I’ve been going astray in my marketing. I also loved the related anti-pain-point approach, which resonates so much and makes everything seem less icky.

I’m celebrating a LOT more clarity about my primary offer and how to talk about it! This was the BEST course I've taken in AGES! I feel so ready to get into action. Thank you!!

Online Business Owner
Online Business Owner

"Because of Niche Unleashed I feel like I have an elevator pitch for each offer that resonates with my ideal customer. The course helped me refine what I was already saying and doing in a way that feels right for me. I especially liked how the focus is on who you truly want to work with, and then structuring your services to meet them where they are. I also loved the focus on adjusting your messaging so that you don’t have to convince people why they need your service."


“I had tried niching over and over and I felt like I never got it right. Now I understand the difference between ‘Ideal Clients’ and Purchase-Ready Clients, and that my marketing messages were too wide before — speaking to the ‘Ideal Client’ when I needed to narrow it to my Purchase-Ready Client. As to the course itself, I found the workbook simple and easy to go through in my own time, and I’d recommend Niche Unleashed to other coaches like me!”

Hey, I'm Carly Jo Bell.
(But you can just call me Carly.)

I’m the Sustainable Success Mentor and Business Consultant for big-hearted business owners who are ready to build a biz that brings them as much joy as it does revenue.

I know how it feels when there’s a steady stream of voices outside of you, shouting “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.”

I also know how it feels when you’re so firmly grounded in your own foundations that you’re able to distinguish what’s a should, shiny object, or strategy du jour and what’s the right next step for YOU.

Inside Niche Unleashed, I’ll show you exactly how to build three of the six core foundations of your Sustainable Success System so that you can not only begin your journey to building a business that brings you as much JOY as it does revenue, but so that you can now confidently make decisions in your business based on your foundations (rather than on what someone, somewhere said you “should” be doing in order to “be successful” in business).

In the last 5 years, I’ve led 100+ clients through this or similar work (+ have thousands of business owners inside of our courses). Now it’s your turn to not only unleash your niche, but really begin your journey to real, lasting Sustainable Success.

Join me inside Niche Unleashed to get started!

Kajabi Tech Integrator

“I LOVED how simple [Niche Unleashed] was. Everything was super clear and easy to follow. It always felt so hard to figure out who I wanted to serve and how to help them. Now I feel a lot more clarity around it! As I started working in my workbook, I found that ideas kept flowing. Now I'm working on a marketing plan and I have so much more clarity and direction (and excitement) to move forward.”

Certified OBM

“I definitely thought niching was, ‘I work with health coaches.’ I like that you presented it as more broad and that's it's more about the problems people are facing and how you are the exact right person to help. The visualization was so clarifying and I loved the way that it was all broken down as well as Carly’s presentations. I now have new skills that I can use when presenting offers, and I'd recommend Niche Unleashed to any business owner who is struggling with what they do and how to talk about it.”

Online Business Owner

"Before NU I had no idea what my niche was. Learning about the 4 types of Ideal Customer and how ready they are to buy, and then how to translate that into obvious-yes offers was so eye opening for me."

Online Business Owner

"Niching was always confusing for me, but now I feel confident on creating my ideal client. I particularly loved the exercises on how to find my messaging, and now I feel more confident about my business!"

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"Your explanation on getting to your real niche and ideal customer is the best I’ve seen (and I’m a marketer!…it helped me immensely)."

I actually thought I had a niche before taking Niche Unleashed, but now I realise how to focus my niche further, especially on the purchase-ready customer who will take ownership and will do the work the course requires. My big a-ha happened when you first taught about the purchase-ready customer, and I immediately felt so amazingly positive and excited by how clear I now am about who to target/speak to. It really shifts your energy! 

It’s refreshing to hear a level of thought that the other standard approaches I’ve seen in soooo many courses don’t cover. I feel now that some of these course creators target the ‘I need a saviour’ as they’ll buy the course, but the course creator may not care that they’ll ever do the course. Your explanation on getting to your real niche and ideal customer is the best I’ve seen (and I’m a marketer!…it helped me immensely).

I feel like I have great clarity and really practical work from the workbook that I can literally drop into my course messaging, sales page, ads etc right away. Thank you!
Marketing Specialist
Online Business Owner

"I like that the lessons were short and actionable. I didn’t get overwhelmed because you kept things simple, which gave me the space to really think about the exercises and stretch myself. My biggest moment of clarity was distinguishing between the Solution-Oriented and the Transformation-Ready version of my ideal customer, which also freed me from using language that speaks to the people who are looking for a savior. I’m also celebrating greater clarity on how to structure my offers! Overall, I enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it."

Online Business Owner

"I had previously done some work around niching, but now I have so much more clarity. The course was clear, well designed and laid out, and I really liked the step-by-step approach. There were even transcripts to read rather than listen! My biggest aha was that my marketing needs to be focused specifically on the PURCHASE-READY people. I’ve done marketing plans in the past, but this particular piece was quite helpful as this is a detail that’s often missed! Overall, this is an excellent program. Thank you!"

“Niching felt too narrow and overwhelming, so I liked the way that it was defined in this course. I felt the exercises were helpful, the explanations behind the exercises were really helpful and I loved having easy-to-follow transcripts. I do feel like I have more clarity, more specificity around the benefits of my offer and am poised to create more content. I think the whole messaging section was most helpful. This has always been a confusing concept to me and while I worked at a quick pace and don't think I could turn around and explain to someone what constitutes messaging, I feel more confident about my messaging. Externally, I have more skills and resources to refer back to. Internally, I’ve grown confidence around my offer and messaging and feeling a sense of celebration that I finished a course on topics that my resistance often makes me feel so confused and overwhelmed about.”

Business Mindset Coach
Niching—in an expansive way!—is key to building a wildly successful and trustworthy business.
But it's also only the first step.

Join Niche Unleashed to build the solid foundations for  who  you’re selling to,  what  you’re selling, and  how  to talk to your people (your unleashed niche!) so that you can confidently call in more Right Fit clients with even more ease.

"I’ve nailed down the details of my very first offer, and all of this business stuff seems more doable to me now."

“I understood the necessity of niching but I was confused about the ideal client avatar versus the change my product offered. Niche Unleashed made me understand these concepts clearly, and now I love thinking in terms of Solution- or Transformation-Ready Clients. I also love how the course centred Right Fit clients as someone I would like to work with as well. Carly is very clear in all she’s saying, and she makes everything super simple throughout. The mindset stuff she peppered in throughout was so helpful, too! 

I’ve nailed down the details of my very first offer, and all of this business stuff seems more doable to me now. I’d recommend this course to those just starting an online business so they get these business basics down pat and also to those who are confused and worried about not making more sales.
Process Art Facilitator
Life Coach

“Confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated. That’s how I felt about niching. Now I’m lots more confident and clear, knowing this will be a process of refinement but also that I have the structure to always guide me. I especially loved the step by step process [in Niche Unleashed] that builds on what is already created, and it shows behind the scenes how the messaging works with the client's psychology. Learning how to extract the guaranteed result and the meaningful outcomes to speak to the practical and the dream aspects of the clients' desires was a huge ah-ha, but I really wouldn't change anything! I'm celebrating new clarity and structure, which will reduce my resistance to create content and sell my work, and the fact that I pushed through when it was difficult and messy, just making changes bit by bit until I was happy enough (without perfectionism). If you’re a life coach who has a broad range of ways to work with people from all walks of life, I’d recommend you take Niche Unleashed. It honours the diversity of people and still speaks to their shared wants and desires that can be achieved with the coaching.”

Online Business Owner

“Niche Unleashed was well paced and the workbook had good prompts to keep you moving through without giving up. Watching myself on video was fairly eye opening as well. I’ve accomplished my first real offer and these exercises were useful for shifting my mindset! Overall, I think [Niche Unleashed] can help people narrow their focus at all levels of experience. Sort of a check in with yourself so you have some passion behind what you're doing and how you're really helping.”

Online Business Owner

“I now have a different way to think about niching than, ‘It means you can only…’ Carly is an awesome coach, the workbook is clear and well laid out, and the questions - while many of them sound simple, are stacked to be really revealing, helping to pull things out of my head that I know I know but maybe haven't been able to articulate or didn't realize I needed to. I now have greater clarity, and I’d recommend this course to a Solution-Ready Customer ”