Craft an application to work with you that's tailored specifically to your business you can  know whether a lead is a Right Fit for your work , right from the start.

(And therefore save you — and your lead — a heck of a lot of time and energy in the meantime!)

You’ve already decided you want prospective clients to complete an application to work with you as a service provider, coach, or practitioner, but now you’re wondering…

 "What questions should I ask? How many questions should I ask?" 

 "Does it need to be fancy with lots of logic and automations? Or will a simple questionnaire through my calendar software be enough?" 

Not to mention…

 "How do I tell from the responses I get whether or not a prospective client is a Right Fit for my work? (And what do I do if they aren’t?!)" 

WhileI can’t tell you exactly what questions you “have” to ask or how you “should” set up your application for your services... 

What I can do is show you how to craft application questions that are tailored to you and your Right Fit client and therefore take most of the guesswork out of “how to tell if someone is a Right Fit for your work” before you even invite them into a sales conversation with you. 

Wanna know how? You’re in the right place 

Filter out the leads who aren’t ready to buy and invest your time and energy in facilitating sales conversations with prospective clients who are ready to pay you $$$ with
Right Fit Filter

The ready-to-implement course where you will build an application to work with you that makes it clear whether a lead is a Right Fit for your work, right from the start. 

 The best part? It’s only $9.

With  Right Fit Filter  you will…

Save time and energy by only progressing true, Right Fit leads into your sales conversations (or whatever your chosen sales process is).

Ask the right questions (and the right amount of questions) on your application so that you are confident and prepared for your sales conversations, all without adding unnecessary levels of friction to your sales process or limiting the number of applications you receive.

Be guided step-by-step through the process of crafting your questions and then turning them into an easy to build, easy to use application to work with you!

Get insight into what to look for in your prospective clients’ responses to your application questions that tell you right away whether they’re a Right Fit (or not!).

See how it works in this behind the scenes walkthrough of my application to work with me

(including exactly why I ask every single question that I do & what various types of responses tell me!)

You, too, can craft questions for your application to work with you that are  intentional  clear and that  elicit clarifying responses  from your leads so that you can spend less time talking with wrong fit leads and more time moving Right Fit clients into your right-for-them work.

It takes  less than an hour  to build your application to work with you (including crafting Q's that are completely tailored to you and your work).

And I’ll walk you through exactly how to do it, step by step.

STEP 1: Develop custom-to-you application questions that are built specifically to determine if your leads will be Right Fit clients (or not). 

(Worried you won't know where to start? I'm positive that the trainings will make it simple, but just in case: I've created sample questions mapped to common characteristics of a Right Fit client!)

STEP 2: Learn how to set up the two most common types of applications to work with you—including what tech I recommend for both!—and know when the right time is to use one or the other.

STEP 3: Hit PUBLISH on your application to work with you and begin bringing Right Fit leads into your work with even more simplicity and ease.

Short, step-by-step  video trainings  with edited & formatted  written transcripts 
(+ a private podcast feed for learning on the go!)
 Sample questions  that align with common characteristics of a Right Fit client (so you’ll never get stuck wondering, “How should I word that?”)
 Video walkthroughs  of how to set up your application +  tech recommendations  based on the type of application you choose!
...all for only $9!
PLUS these sweet bonuses...

See behind the scenes of several of my previous & current applications to work with me, with a walkthrough on why I chose the tech, questions, and type of application for each. (As well as what I’d do differently with my old applications and why!)


Get a templated email script that you can use to compassionately turn away clients who aren’t a Right Fit before they even get to the sales call.

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • What type of business owners need an application to work with them?
    Applications to work with you absolutely are not necessary. However, whether you're a brand new or seasoned service provider or practitioner, implementing an application to work with you can support you to be more prepared for sales conversations, limit who has access to your calendar (in the case of having a busy schedule!), and/or weed out wrong fit clients before they schedule in a time to talk with you about your work.

    There are two main different types of applications to work with you, and which you choose will depend on a few variables, all of which we'll discuss inside Right Fit Filter.

    Of course, if you exclusively sell courses, physical/digital products, or the like then you very likely do not need an application to work with you as, well, people aren't really working with YOU.
  • How will I access Right Fit Filter?
    Once you sign up, you'll receive an email from our learning platform inviting you to sign into the private training library. Once inside, you'll be able to start building your Right Fit Filter straight away!

    Please gives our systems up to 15 minutes to deliver your access; and be sure to double check that your email address is written correctly when signing up on this page.
  • Do I need to buy anything else to access or use Right Fit Filter?
    To access, no. To set up your application, potentially.

    To access Right Fit Filter, all you need is the ability to watch or listen and engage with the trainings, which can be done on your computer, through the Thinkific app on your phone, or in our private podcast (opt in is complementary but required for podcast access). We do recommend that you have access to Google Docs to fill out your workbook, but if you don't, you can download a copy of the document and answer the questions in whatever word processor you have access to.

    To set up your application to work with you, you may need to buy a subscription to a form builder (e.g. Google Forms, Typeform) or other software that has a form builder included as part of it (e.g. Dubsado, Honeybook, Calendly). However, as a business owner, I'm guessing that you already are paying for something in which you can build your application to work with you!

    I share a whole list of common software that you might use for your application inside Right Fit Filter, mapped to which type of application you choose to create!
  • How long do I have access to Right Fit Filter?
    By investing in Right Fit Filter, you will have lifetime of the course access to all materials and any future updates.
  • How long will it take me to move through Right Fit Filter?
    Going through Right Fit Filter, crafting your questions, and building out your application to work with you will typically take you under 60 minutes. I kept it short while potent so that you can have your application to work with you up and ready to accept responses from dream clients in under an hour!

    Of course, if you choose to build an application that requires a lot of logic and automations, you may find that the process will take you longer—but for MOST people who join Right Fit Filter, you won't need to do that anyway!

Take the guesswork out of crafting an application to work with you.

In only one hour you’ll have tailor-made questions plopped into your freshly published application to work with you, ready to receive some amazing responses from Right Fit prospective clients and save you time, energy, and make you money in the process.


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  • 1xRight Fit Filter$9

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Hey, I'm Carly Jo Bell!

(But you can just call me Carly.)

I’m the  Sustainable Success Mentor  for online business owners who are ready to build a biz that brings them as much joy as it does revenue.

I’ve done the whole  “peek at what my competitors are doing”  when it comes to crafting questions for my application to work with me, and let me tell ya: it aint it.

Not only do you end up asking questions you don’t actually need an answer to, trying to figure out what you’re looking for in the answers you receive can feel like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Is it there? Did I need to ask this? Is this actually helpful for anyone? Wait, what am I even supposed to be looking for here?!

Sure, the questions I asked on previous applications would help me to be more prepared for the sales conversation, but their benefits pretty much stopped there. Not to mention I would still end up on Zoom with a prospective client who wasn’t a Right Fit, who needed to be educated or even sometimes convinced of the value of my work, and who frankly, wasn’t even in the right place to invest in the first place or who ghosted once the call was up.

It wasn’t until I finally figured out how to craft application questions that were tailored specifically to MY business and MY Right Fit client... 

...that I was able to actually understand—and confidently take action from—the answers my leads would so thoughtfully leave me in their applications.

Nowadays, when I craft an application to work with me,  I know exactly what questions I need to ask  to elicit answers that clearly communicate whether a prospective client is a Right Fit for my work. 

Which means less sales conversations with wrong fit leads, more fulfilling and oh-so-valuable sales conversations with Right Fit leads, and frankly, more time spent focused on delivering to my Right Fit clients than on trying to “read between the lines” to “make sure” I’m not wasting my or a leads’ time.

And now I’m teaching you exactly how I craft those clarifying and confidence-inducing questions so  you can do the same, too!