Find freedom, creativity, and even JOY on social media!

Social Media Reset

Transform your relationship with social media so you can use it as the powerful tool it is to grow your online business.

In a world where it's awfully fashionable to "hate" social media, my invitation to you is to look underneath that hatred and discover what's REALLY happening here.

What is your disdain about social media REALLY about? (Hint: it's NOT actually about the spammy bot comments, the cold pitches, or the ever-present money wins) 

Social media is a tool—much like a hammer, a toothpick, and a spatula—which means that in its very nature it is NEUTRAL.*

 So why is it something that so many business owners loathe? Because it's mirroring back to you things inside of yourself that are asking for your attention.

*Of course, we honor and recognize that there are some truly hateful humans on social media platforms who do truly horrible things. We do not believe, teach, or promote in any way the idea that "it's your fault you attracted those people." 

When we talk about social media mirroring things back to you, we're talking more like "hating cold pitched to" being a mirror to help you see how deeply you value authentic community, or "becoming overwhelmed by the ever-shifting algorithm" mirroring an internal belief that "nothing I do will ever be enough." That kind of thing.

With the help of Social Media Reset, you will transform your relationship with social media and...

Discover the root cause of your angst with social media, allowing you to address the real issue and find more joy and value in this powerful tool for your business.

Uncover the hidden mindsets and beliefs that have been holding you back on social media, giving you the clarity you need to make strategic decisions that lead to success.

Empower yourself to make an intentional choice about your social media use, based on what's truly best for your business rather than external pressures. With Social Media Reset, you'll have the tools to stay and thrive or leave on your own terms.

"The first step of digging into why I feel the way I do about social media was really eye opening."

"I’ve been very adamant that I didn’t like social [media]. The end. But recently I started shifting gears in my business and I felt like social media could be a powerful tool for me in the future…if I let it be. And that there might be something underneath my dislike of social media - that maybe it’s me, not social media.

I liked the format and being able to take it with me on the go, and the program was well thought out. The first step of digging into why I feel the way I do about SM was really eye opening. I should have known better than to expect straight up tactics out of the gate with you! 

Through Social Media Reset, I’m celebrating becoming more self aware. I'm celebrating working through some triggers and fears I cleared in other areas, but still linger here. I'm celebrating being open to what my use and relationship with social really looks like in the future. 

If you’re a business owner who feels overwhelmed by social media or who feels like you should be all over social media all the time, and you feel a nudge that your business could really benefit from social media, I’d recommend Social Media Reset."

Diane Lam
Scaling Strategy + Operations Consulting
What's Included

You'll find 11 audio trainings inside this self-paced audio course that guide you through the entire process of transforming your relationship with social media.

Momentum-building action steps

The simplest way to build momentum toward a new goal—like less angst and more ease with social media—is to take a single step in a new direction

Inside Social Media Reset, we give you not one but TWO super simple momentum building activities that have supported business owners just like you to create the space to turn their relationship with social media from sour to supportive.

two visualizations

The process through Social Media Reset has been designed with true transformation in mind, with various exercises included that touch on the levels of learning and processing so that you can make permanent and lasting shifts. Two of these are simple, trauma-aware visualizations.

Through the process of seeing and speaking with the parts of you who are feeling angsty about social media as well as those that desire more ease and confidence in your marketing, you'll find that your relationship with social media will begin to be so much more freeing!

self-coaching questions

One of the most valuable skillsets that entrepreneurs can have is the ability to coach themselves through all of the vast and varied experiences we have.

Inside Social Media Reset, you'll receive two lists of some of my very favorite self-coaching questions, adapted specifically to the topic of social media, so that you can begin learning how to coach yourself through the hard or uncomfortable things.

Your access to Social Media Reset is for the lifetime of the course. 

All trainings are delivered via private podcast, have edited written transcripts, and you'll also receive a PDF Question & Prompt Guide to refer back to.

When you transform your relationship with social media...

You'll remove so many of the internalized pressures to be someone or something you're not.

You'll feel confident to simply do YOUR thing.

Your audience will see and sense your authenticity and you'll be able to grow your community with so much more ease.

Have a question for me?
  • What's included in Social Media Reset?
    Social Media Reset is an audio course that includes 11 audio trainings, edited written transcripts of all trainings, and a PDF Question and Prompt Guide.
  • How will I access it?
    Once you sign up for Social Media Reset, you'll receive an email from HelloAudio inviting you to subscribe to the course on your favorite podcast player. Currently, Social Media Reset is available as a private podcast on most podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Stitchr, and Google Podcasts. It is not currently available on Spotify. Once you've subscribed via your unique link, you'll be able to start listening!
  • Do I need to buy anything else to access or use Social Media Reset?
    Nope! All you need is the ability to listen to the private audio trainings. We do recommend that you have a journal, writing utensil, and quiet space handy, as you will be encouraged to write stream-of-consciousness style at various points throughout the journey to deepen your transformation.
  • How long do I have access to Social Media Reset?
    By investing in Social Media Reset, you will have lifetime of the course access to all materials and any future updates.
  • How long will it take me to move through Social Media Reset?
    With just over 2 hours of audio content, Social Media Reset can be completed within an afternoon. Many of our clients choose to move through it again and again every time they desire to work through a new stressor in their relationship with social media.
  • What is the process of transforming my relationship with social media like?
    Inside this private audio course, you'll be guided through a process that connects the 4 layers of learning and processing: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We do this by guiding you to notice the thoughts and emotions that most readily show up around social media, and then support you through guided visualization and journaling to access the physical sensations that accompany you in your relationship with social media. At a couple of key points in the journey, we invite you to tune into your highest wisdom to find your answers—because as the WholeCo Motto goes, around here we "Look external for ideas and external for answers."
  • Why are you the right person to lead me through this process?
    Oh hey! Carly here. Listen, I started my business over 4 years ago as a social media manager, MANY of my clients have come through social media, and yet I STILL have had to work through my relationship with social media—even to this day as a multi-6-figure business owner. The process I share inside Social Media Reset is the exact process that I consistently use to transform my relationship with social media—and frankly, SO MANY OTHER THINGS in my business—and because of how many of my clients have benefitted from this same process, I decided it was time to share it with more people! (That's YOU!)
  • I have another question.
    Please email our team at and we'll be grateful to support you!
Ready to use social media as the powerful tool that it is?
Release yourself from the angst and find more joy and creativity in your business by saying YES to Social Media Reset!

Find more freedom, creativity, ease, and JOY on social media, with a repeatable process you can use over and over again to heal sticky aspects of your relationship with social media. 

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Hey! I'm Carly Jo Bell.
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I'm the Sustainable Success Mentor for online business owners like you who want to toss the "weren't ever going to work for you anyway" approaches to business in favor of building a business that brings you as much joy as it does revenue.

In an industry where so many online entrepreneurs are pulled in a million directions about how to grow, who to follow, and how to do business “the right way” – our signature programs and courses take a different tack: to help online business owners pause, take a deep breath, and let a strong sense of self-trust light the way. 

 By establishing their business foundations, creating a business that works for them, and using their trust in themselves to practice better discernment and boundaries, our clients don’t just expand into new horizons with their work... they finally build a business that truly feels like them, and creates the time, money, and energy they’ve always wanted.

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