The Storyteller's Start
Craft powerfully resonant stories that deepen your connection with your audience and community.
ONLY $47!

Distinguish yourself from the crowd online, not by being perfect or “put together,” but by being radically human.

How? By bringing powerfully resonant stories into your marketing.

“I don’t know how to tell stories, Carly.” I’ll show you a repeatable framework in this workshop. 

“I don’t really think I have many stories to share.” Yes you do, and I’ll give examples of where to find them. 

“Even if I did have stories, they’re not ‘powerful’ and I don’t really know if they’ll be ‘resonant.’” The first step of telling powerfully resonant stories is accepting that your stories are worthy of being heard. Once we do that together, I’ll give you specific tools to add magnetism and lusciousness to your stories that will draw out their power and resonance.

It's all available inside
The Storyteller's Start
A short, potent workshop where you’ll craft powerfully resonant stories that deepen your connection with your audience and community and distinguish you from the crowd.

Because when you show up as the whole, beautiful, and unique human that you are, your people can’t help but be drawn to you.
With The Storyteller's Start you'll be guided to...

Connect more authentically and on an intimate level with your community through the distinctly human practice of storytelling

Gain the practical and forever reusable foundations, frameworks, and tools to tell detail-rich stories that stick

Find a treasure trove of stories inside your life and business as it already is and bring them to the “big screen” of your marketing content

Upend oppressive systems of the patriarchy and capitalism through the quiet rebellion of embracing the Storyteller who lives within you and is ready to be seen and take up space

"I know you spent time crafting the messaging on this page (that's your beautiful gift) but I didn't even read a word I scrolled down to purchase."

I LOVE Carly's approach to storytelling and how she teaches it, especially with how to connect it to the work you do and your offers. The way Carly guides you through the storytelling arc and what components you need to tell a story that is specific, memorable, and meaningful makes it feel so much easier to become a great storyteller and connect more deeply with 'our people.'

Jocelyn Montemarano
Here's what you'll learn inside The Storyteller's Start:

  • Decide your stories are worthy of being told. (Because they are.) 
  • Find a story you desire to tell. (I’ll show you how to make it resonant.) 
  • Understand why you’re telling that story and to whom. (Keep it focused!) 
  • Outline your story. (I’ve got a really practical framework for this!) 
  • Start and end your story skillfully. (So that it’s magnetic.) 
  • Add rich and luscious details to your story. (Without distracting from the point.) 
  • Share your story. (You’ve got this!)

And we cover it all in just about 45 minutes so you can share your powerful and resonant story as soon as today (if you’re ready for it).

Your access to this program is for the lifetime of the course. 

All trainings are delivered via a private training library, have edited written transcripts, and you'll also receive a Google Doc workbook to guide you through the various prompts.

"If every story I put out into the world has this level of intention, I will have a profound impact on my audience and my income."

When it came to storytelling, I felt lost. I understood the importance of learning the art form, but I really had no easy structure to follow. I also didn't know where to start. Therefore, 'not knowing' kept me procrastinating when I need to write content and/or my book! 

Carly is a phenomenal storyteller, and to see where it all comes from is amazing and led me to trust her EVEN MORE. There's a simple, easy to understand framework that has been under our noses this whole time! I love how Carly broke this down for me and gave real examples in her training. The videos are also all under 10mins (most of them at 3mins) which made learning and the ability to finish the course so manageable.

I am celebrating writing my first story with intention and structure. I feel like I could give a speech now! Finally, my words, the intention, and the feeling I want to provoke by telling my story are all in alignment.

This investment is truly a no-brainer. This course has so much value, and I'd recommend it to those who want to be better storytellers, but don't really have any idea where to start. It's transformational and gets you to share your story in an intentional way on camera, on stage, or in writing content. The framework can be applied in all areas.

Alicia Lozano
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  • What's included in The Storyteller's Start?
    The Storyteller's Start is a pre-recorded course that includes 9 video trainings, edited and formatted written transcripts of all trainings, and a Google Doc workbook. You'll also have optional access to a private podcast of the trainings for ease of listening on the go!
  • How will I access it?
    Once you sign up, you'll receive an email from our learning platform inviting you to sign into the private training library. Once inside, you'll be able to start writing your powerful and resonant story right away!

    Please gives our systems up to 15 minutes to deliver your access; and be sure to double check that your email address is written correctly when signing up on this page.
  • Do I need to buy anything else to access or use The Storyteller's Start?
    Nope! All you need is the ability to watch or listen and engage with the trainings, which can be done on your computer, through the Thinkific app on your phone, or in our private podcast (opt in is complementary but required for podcast access). We do recommend that you have access to Google Docs to fill out your workbook, but if you don't, you can download a copy of the document and answer the questions in whatever word processor you have access to.
  • How long do I have access to The Storyteller's Start?
    By investing in The Storyteller's Start, you will have lifetime of the course access to all materials and any future updates.
  • How long will it take me to move through The Storyteller's Start?
    Going through The Storyteller's Start will take you just about 45 minutes. I kept it short while potent so that you can have your first powerful and resonant story ready to share with the world as soon as today (if you're up for it!). All videos are under 10 minutes, with most coming in around 3 minutes!

    Writing your first story will take a bit of time, and will be different for everyone. We encourage you to write your first story rather quickly so that you can simply get it written—as that will make each ensuing story even simpler to write.
  • What if I don't know how to write stories, or am not a good writer at all?
    The beauty of The Storyteller's Start is that you get to have ZERO prior knowledge of storytelling as I walk you through the entire process from the very first "hook" to the ending line.

    Many of the 50+ clients we've previously led through this process were self-proclaimed "bad at writing"—though remember, the stories you create from this process don't necessarily have to be written but rather can be spoken—but they all found the foundations, frameworks, and tools I share here to be wildly supportive in getting words on "paper" and letting their stories be told.
  • What if I'm already pretty good at telling stories. Is this for me?
    The Storyteller's Start is in its nature an introduction to storytelling. However, as you may already know, everyone has a unique flavor of storytelling which, when combined, can help you to establish YOUR unique flavor, too.

    We've found over time that our clients who are already pretty good at telling stories like the foundations, frameworks, and tools that we share in this program, because 1) it brings them to the very foundations of good storytelling, which are often overlooked in other courses and programs, and 2) these same pieces of the program also support them in getting better at WRITING stories, as many of them can TELL a great story but trying to write them is a whole other ballgame. Plus, it's only $19!

Have another question?

Please email our team at hello[at] and we'll be grateful to support you!

"You shared real ways to write your stories, not just fluff, but actual how to."

Thank you for offering this course. I consume lots of storytelling content from lots of coaches, but I actually learned quite a bit from this short course. That handout [that comes with The Storyteller's Start] is a great guide and hearing the different stories sparked ideas about some of my own stories. I am tweaking my first story but lots of ideas have flooded my head and I will be writing down lots of different stories. I will absolutely be recommending you to others.

Annette Heller

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Hey, I'm Carly Jo Bell.

(But you can just call me Carly.)

I’m the Sustainable Success Mentor & Business Consultant for online business owners who are ready to skip the “shoulds,” shiny objects, and strategies du jour in favor of building a business that brings them as much joy as it does revenue.

My Nana’s mom walked into a butcher's shop one day when the attractive fellow behind the counter asked her, “What can I get for you?”


Faster than a bolt of lightning she quipped, “I’ll take you, please.” 


A few months later they were married and moving from small town Pennsylvania to the Pacific Northwest, where they lived happily married for more years than I’ve been alive and had many wonderful memories and kids. 


When you learn to tell powerfully resonant stories—especially in your marketing content—you not only become more human to your audience, you become the only human they want to work with* much like my great grandmother knew my great grandfather was the only boy she wanted to kiss. 

*At least, the only human who does the type of thing that you do. 


That’s why I created The Storyteller’s Start: because I’ve experienced the power of a great story from both sides, witnessed its ability to move us humans deeply into anything from tears to fits of laughter, and know just how much a powerful and resonant story sticks


As a business owner who’s ready to go beyond the classically bland and boring marketing schtick, you know that storytelling is one way to add depth and resonance to your human-to-human relationship with your audience. 


To join The Storyteller’s Start, you don’t have to know what stories you want to tell or how to craft a story (yet), you simply need to know that you’re ready to embark on the journey of embracing your inner storyteller—who yes, certainly exists.